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  • SSQ-008 / ATØM, K1000 - GAÏA E.P

    GAÏA E.P was born with the association between K1000, Dj and Producer from Paris known on a lot of nderground dancefloors and great collector of analagic machines and ATØM whose inspirations are more hypnotic and psychedelic.

    Analogics Chills guaranteed


    ANIMALS IN CAGE, CALZONE Remember the olden days where predators still lurked in the undergrowth...Furry carnivores feeding legends and gibes...Three of these creatures have recently invested the city perpetuating the mystery of urban legends.A bear, a gorilla and a fox - trio as surprising as dangerous - have teamed up to horrify the dark clubs by their stubborn screams.Devastating beats, wild kicks and transcendent melodies, don't resist to the call of the wild!


    Grimmaldika, Dirty Industry

    "My name is inspired by the brothers Grimm. I'm 38 years young atm, making music for about 20 years."

    Played mostly rock and metal with mainly my guitar in those years but I was always inspired by electronic music and went to all sorts of party's of different genres and experiment with making sounds with a groovebox etc. Snip, copy and paste are my main tools when making new stuff, rearranging existing melodies into something totally new while trying to play keyboards live as much as possible and create something beautiful. I make soundscapes as well, layering sounds and making new things audible. I enjoyed a graphic designer education and did a music engineer course for 8 months. Just recently I committed myself to make some awesome techno.

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