Sweet Square Music


  • Crystal E.P

    Crystal E.P starts with a very smooth introduction: ethnic percussion embellish the atmosphere evoking that moment of grace when the sun rises and floods of light a paradise. Just an echo and rhythm starts in a classic house style where "ethnic percussion" reinforce the tribal influence of the track. A song that makes you want to barefoot dance in the sand on a coconut beach!

    [beatport available]

  • Explorer E.P by Nblow

    Sweet Square Music presents the new release of Explorer EP produced by Nblow, the 4th opus of the label will be out soon. Mixing sounds progressive on a beat resolutely Techno, Explorer EP contains two tracks Eplorer and Funky Sushi .. .[beatport exclusive available]

  • First Floor E.P [Free Download]

    First release free download 4 tracks included by Nblow

  • NBlow, French Touch & Big Beats

    Nblow , whose real name Nicolas Babillon , is a French DJ and composer of electronic music scene Techno House . At the time better known by his name Ratbeat as a former member and founder of the collective Bass Freak Dogz in 2009, it has contributed greatly to the development of Bass Music movement in Lyon particular , creating the electric duo with Baby'Bro his brother DJ Groove Sparkz ( IDA vice world champion 2013).

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