Sweet Square Music

live dj


    Mix / live recorded @ the Graal Club in Val D'Isère during the evening TRANCIFLEETE 2KJ17.

    More than 2:00 of sound including the latest productions of Jaon Saaro & Freind,  exclusive in free download mp3 / HD !

  • Who is Jaon Saaro ?

    Fist, Jaon Saaro is Dj Atom, already living in Grenoble, FR.

    Also known as DJ Atom, he produced and mix from 90 years known for his techno and progressive style, Jaon Saaro is already trusted name for its effectiveness on the dancefloor.

    Jaon Saaro studied of electroacoustic music and sound works and image and video His music trascendentale mix trance sounds of profressive and minimal techno, sometimes even experimental.

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