Sweet Square Music


  • Osht E.P

    Take a deep breath and listen to this house track, a little bit oldschool styled with a typical House bassline and vocal. It will send you to the clouds, it'll let you with an happy smile and positive vibes. The b-side called 'Reconciled' spread the same beautiful sensations (especially for energy). It sets its pace and power on a positive mood, regardless of its fast bpm (at least for this kind of music) that makes this track the good one to shake the body and the soul.

    [beatport exclusive on June, 19th]


    Groovy / Shiny / Catchy !

    House Music? You said House Music? The new producer of Lyon Dudz is in the box !!!

  • the groove by Dudz™

    Groove, Versatility, Sharing.

    Here's the best way to describe Dudz in a few words.

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