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  • Crystal E.P

    Crystal E.P starts with a very smooth introduction: ethnic percussion embellish the atmosphere evoking that moment of grace when the sun rises and floods of light a paradise. Just an echo and rhythm starts in a classic house style where "ethnic percussion" reinforce the tribal influence of the track. A song that makes you want to barefoot dance in the sand on a coconut beach!

    [beatport available]

  • Explorer E.P by Nblow

    Sweet Square Music presents the new release of Explorer EP produced by Nblow, the 4th opus of the label will be out soon. Mixing sounds progressive on a beat resolutely Techno, Explorer EP contains two tracks Eplorer and Funky Sushi .. .[beatport exclusive available]

  • Mid Wooder : exclusive interview for lediscographe.fr [French]

    Mid Wooder, c'est avant tout un DJ/producteur aux sonorités hors paires, et au talent indéniable : de la minimal à la Hardtechno, l'artiste revisite divers répertoires de la musique électronique, avec brio et originalité.

  • Neutrino E.P

    Jaon Saaro sign first track on Sweet Square mixing the techno and progressive in its sound track Neutrino E.P

    [beatport available]

  • Osht E.P

    Take a deep breath and listen to this house track, a little bit oldschool styled with a typical House bassline and vocal. It will send you to the clouds, it'll let you with an happy smile and positive vibes. The b-side called 'Reconciled' spread the same beautiful sensations (especially for energy). It sets its pace and power on a positive mood, regardless of its fast bpm (at least for this kind of music) that makes this track the good one to shake the body and the soul.

    [beatport exclusive on June, 19th]

  • SSQ-005 / Jaon Saaro presents Proxima E.P

    20000 years to trip around Proxima Centori and 7' to express yourself... This techno track mixes cellos and bumping kicks to keep the groove constantly


    Groovy / Shiny / Catchy !

    House Music? You said House Music? The new producer of Lyon Dudz is in the box !!!


    A double-faced track mixing classically the minimal techno of Detroit and the more European melodic techno. Mastered with an analog process suite. Enjoy !

    We are very proud to have signed Mid Wooder, a renowned dj producer and founder of the label Physical Records, check it now on beatport

  • SSQ-008 / ATØM, K1000 - GAÏA E.P

    GAÏA E.P was born with the association between K1000, Dj and Producer from Paris known on a lot of nderground dancefloors and great collector of analagic machines and ATØM whose inspirations are more hypnotic and psychedelic.

    Analogics Chills guaranteed

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